The Xbox One S is getting a Limited edition Minecraft twist, and its available for Pre-Order right now.

The Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle reimagines the Xbox One s, Microsoft’s second iteration of the Xbox One platform, as the iconic grass block from the game, as well as the controller based around the games Creeper enemy.

The Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle is also the first iteration of the Xbox One to feature a clear bottom, with ‘Redstone circuitry’, a reference to the games material of the same name, visible inside. The outside of the console is screen printed onto the case, creating a rugged finish, that was surely a nightmare to get aligned.

There are also said to be a few Easter eggs within the bundle, although the design team refuse to release what they are. Alongside the console bundle, a Pig branded Controller has also been announced, and will be available as a standalone product in the near future.

Those who are able to get themselves a pre-order of the bundle can expect it to ship around October 3.

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