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Microsoft has announced that it’s ending production of the original Xbox One console in both US and the United Kingdom in favour of the Xbox One S.

Yep that’s right, those of us who committed the £429 to get the Xbox One when it launched in November 2013 and beyond are among the few who now own a discontinued Xbox One console.

Speaking with Glixel a Microsoft Spokesperson said, “As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced Xbox One S.” 

What does this mean for the future of the Xbox One console? Well from now on, the only Xbox One console you’ll be able to purchase is the Xbox One S or the upcoming console, the Xbox One X.

The Xbox One S was announced in June, 2016 at Microsoft’s E3 media briefing. The console was a much smaller version of the original which natively supports 4K. Its capacitive buttons were replaced with physical ones, and the power supply was integrated into the console itself.

Overall the Xbox One S is a much improved version of the original console and currently sits at around £229, almost half the price of the original when it launched.

The Xbox One S is available to purchase now, and the Xbox One X is available to purchase in November of this year. Earlier this month pre-orders for a limited Project Scorpio Edition of the console sold out in record time.

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