Mojang and Microsoft has announced that big changes are coming to Minecraft’s annual festival, Minecon later this year. Minecon Earth will be bringing the main events worldwide digitally.

Much like everything nowadays, Minecon is going digital with the launch of Minecon Earth. Minecon Earth is basically a global livestream event that’ll be broadcast from two continents on November 18. Players from around the world can tune in and watch the 90-minute livestream on the Minecraft Mixer channel or the Minecraft Twitch channel.

The livestream will feature “entertainment, humour, and announcements” much like past Minecon events, however this one will be available to everyone.

As for the live events players can attend, it seems Minecon will have a much more personal experience as the team have partnered with Minefare, MineVention, and BLOCKFEST to create Minecraft events “a little closer to home” where players can meet their favourite YouTube creators and streamers, compete in tournaments, and much more.

Details on these live events are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Why the change? Well according to the press release, the “old Minecon” got a little to expensive and was a little too exclusive where a huge chunk of people couldn’t attend, so having the main event livestreamed and then a bunch of smaller, local events, for people to attend seems like a better fit.

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