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Minecraft Cross-Platform Update Available Now on Windows PC and Android

Play with everyone, everywhere! (Except your PlayStation friends, you can’t play with them).

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The beta test for Minecraft’s cross-platform update is now available on Windows 10 PCs or Android phones. The update will allow users of these platforms to play with each other in the first major step forward towards cross-platform play.

Microsoft also posted a blog update which made clear that beta access for the Xbox One will be coming shortly – “in the coming days” to be a little less vague.

The update, called ‘Better Together’ will eventually allow for cross-platform play across all hardware. The update will launch in full this autumn, but no beta test will be available for Switch players (it is coming though, don’t worry!). It will also add new features on consoles such as parrots and stained glass.

Bad news for PlayStation 4 players though as it seems Sony still don’t want to play game with cross-platform play and the update will not be coming to this console. Sony have previously said they have concerns around keeping their players safe if they’re leave the PlayStation Network, an issue that Microsoft directly addressed in their blog.

Microsoft said:

“The Better Together Update will enable players to discover new content and creations across all devices, as well as the option to find new and like-minded players, as with any multiplayer game. Helping keep kids safe online is a priority for Minecraft, and we provide parental controls across platforms via Xbox Live which help parents choose the content, communication and sharing settings that are right for their families.

“For many, the most important of these is making sure that your kids are using child accounts which you have control over. To do this on Xbox, you can find out more at http://aka.ms/xblsafety.”

You can read the FAQ on how the Better Together will work on each platform here.

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