The fine folks over at Playsport have been greatly supporting their Motorsport Manager title since its launch in November of last year. This week marks another milestone, as the game receives a big update based on community feedback, as well as a new Challenge Pack DLC.

The Challenge Pack DLC introduces a new game mode into Motorsport Manager, featuring multiple challenges across 3 difficulty ranges, Rookie, Pro, and All-Star. these challenges range in length and subject, ranging from Sprinkler Savvy, directing your way around races where sprinklers can change the weather in a heartbeat, to From the Ashes, where you must bring your team back to glory from a disastrous fire, destroying your factory and hospitalising your start driver.

Alongside this Motorsport Manager has received a huge update, featuring the following:

  • Realistic AI Game Preference: If enabled, AI teams make smarter decisions on when to pit during races and adapt to wet weather conditions more effectively.
  • Run Wides & Corner Cutting: Cars can now run wide and cut corners in all tracks, the likelihood of a driver running wide or cutting a corner is increased by the pressure they’re under from nearby cars.
  • Weight Stripping: Teams can now remove reliability from parts to increase their performance before practice, qualifying and race.
  • Lap Chart Screen: Available in the data centre, the new lap chart screen provides detailed information for every lap of the race.
  • Expanded Camera Preference: If enabled, increases the zoom of the race day camera, allowing you to see the cars up close.
  • Ability to save and load setups for each track.
  • When leaving for a race weekend, the player now has the ability to force a driver to sit out the weekend if they are injured.
  • The driver who sits out the race weekend will recover faster and the reserve driver will take their position.
  • Injuries now show an icon on the driver’s portrait. The icon can be moussed over to reveal more information.
  • Player now receives a mail when a driver recovers from an injury trait.
  • The race report screen has been tweaked to better inform the player about gained traits and traits that have ended.
  • Various UI tweaks to the title screen and race day screens.
  • Session HUD now shows when teams are fixing parts.
  • Tyre wear and heating are no longer banded into thirds, but are instead a direct reading.
  • Car crashes have been rebalanced to provide a more even spread of crashes throughout the race.
  • Driver’s adaptability stat impacts the threshold at which they can change onto wets/slicks/inter.
  • The two different tyre suppliers have different wet/inter threshold points.
  • Fixed a bug where the tyre supplier wasn’t correctly affecting speed and wear.
  • Fixed a bug where the track rubber wasn’t correctly affecting the lap times.
  • Street circuits (Cape Town, Sydney) take longer to achieve a full ‘Rubber on Track’ to imply that they have less grip then a standard track.
  • Under fuelling the car is now possible when no-refuelling is active.
  • Tyres left overheating for too long cause blistering, dropping the wear at a faster rate.
  • Tyres left under-heating for too long will cause graining, dropping the performance of the car.
  • Cars who have retired will now keep their standings position if they cross the finish line.
  • The standings tab has been expanded to show live Team/Driver Championship standings and tyre history.
  • New personality traits.
  • New dilemmas with unique personality trait event chains.
  • Fixed issues with AI teams being able to perform pit stops faster than they should.
  • AI teams now make smarter decisions on when to use ‘safe’ pit stops.
  • AI team setup percentages now reflect their mechanics’ stats.
  • Downforce setup setting affects car performance during wet sessions.
  • During pre-season, AI teams can gain an additional star in up to two different chassis stats. This is to mimic the player’s dilemmas.
  • Vehicles that are experiencing critical issues ( broken part, out of fuel, etc ) will now pit regardless of whether it causes stacking.
  • New radio messages.
  • Grammatical fixes to existing dilemmas
  • Significant performance improvements to minimise game crashes.
  • Chassis Suppliers available to edit with Steam Workshop.
  • Single-Seater and GT design data available to edit with Steam Workshop.

Motorsport Manager: Challenge Pack is now available to purchase on PC via Steam, and the update is live for all players of the game.

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