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From August 17-21, Smashers the world-over will descend upon Nottingham for Europe’s ultimate Melee experience; and we’re going to help bring the experience to you!

Heir is going to be the largest Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament this year in the United Kingdom, and one of the largest Melee tournaments outside of North America. Heir is more than a tournament though; this event has a completely unique bracket and competition structure, a live band, in-venue housing, and more. Featuring some of the world’s greatest talent, from Leffen to S2J, Liquid’s Chillindude and ChuDat, and many more.

Partnering up with Team Heir and BigGoodGaming, we at n3rdabl3 will be at Heir 4 as a media presence. “So what does that mean?” you ask? Well, allow me to explain the two main things we’ll be doing that weekend.

Interviews with Attendees and Top Competitors:

We’ll have a dedicated spot in the venue for video-recording interviews to go on our YouTube channel, as well as Facebook and Twitter (@n3rdabl3). We should be able to process and upload these while the event is happening, so there will be constant updates from the venue; and after we’re done, plenty of extra footage to go over and compile in the weeks following.

Expect chats with most of the Top Players, the eventual Winner of the event, many of the farthest traveling attendees, the organizers of the event, and any and all main attractions.

The In-Person, Livestream Experience:

Couldn’t make it to Heir this year? Then join me, your host, as we cruise around the venue live on the n3rdabl3 Twitch.

This will be a far more casual showcase of the event, where we will stroll around the venue and show off highlights for anyone in chat. Want to see something in particular, just pop in and let us know, and we’ll swing on by, allowing for a far more interactive media experience than normal!

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