Spanish developer, Andromeda Project, has this week launched their Kickstarter campaign for Necrocosmos: There is No God up Here, a (hopefully) upcoming Metroidvania game which channels 8-bit nostalgia.

Necrocosmos: There is No God up Here is an action sidescroller with Metroidvania mechanics, and features an open world galaxy and nostalgia-inducing 8-bit visuals. The game will see players take control of Max Weaver, an intergalactic bounty hunter tasked with another uneventful rescue mission which turns out to be more of a nightmare.

When the game launches, every player will begin in a different star map which they are free to explore, this means that no two games will be the same. Players will also have to study different stars and comets in Andromeda in order to find new places to visit. However there is no procedural generation, all planets have been “designed with care and attention” to ensure every planet feels “refreshing and surprising.”

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the game has already received the Greenlight on Steam, and if successful will launch into Early Access. What’s more, before deciding to pledge, players can see the game for themselves as there’s a demo available to download.

Andromeda Project are looking at a pretty respectable goal of €45,000 to bring their game to a number of platforms in late 2018. You can head to the Necrocosmos Kickstarter page to pledge, you can also check out the campaign video below.

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