No Man’s Sky Soundtrack Tour

The No Man’s Sky Alternate Reality Game (ARG) continues, this time with a bizarre livestream which shows a number of monitors, a networking setup, and… a hamster?

For the past few month’s now Hello Games have been teasing something for their space exploration game, No Man’s Sky. We’ve come to the conclusion that this could be a huge expansion for the game, however it looks like the developers are leaving it up to fans to find out exactly what all this means.

The supposed update – currently called Waking Titan, according to previous hints within the ARG, have suggested that it’ll be launching this month, however for the past couple of weeks we’ve seen nothing more than a bunch of cryptic clues and weird terminals with no real solution.

Now, the ARG expands even further, this time with an actual live stream on Twitch which is underway right now, showing a number of monitors, post-it-notes, and a hamster.

The hamster, who the stream has discovered has the name “Mister Noodle”, though officially according to a memo, the hamster is called “Subject M-N00-dl35” and is part of a test. However, the memo also indicates that no harm will come to the animal.

All of this and more has been documented on both the No Man’s Sky subreddit, as well as on Game Detectives.

While for the most part, the ARG has mostly stayed within code and text on websites, this is the first time the game has entered the “real world”, so we’re hoping that we’ll find something out real soon.

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