Bart Batchelor and Chris Nielsen of Oddfellows Labs have partnered with Mondo to release the pilot of their brand new comedy, NPC, which takes the look at the life of an NPC who has to deal with obnoxious players on a daily basis.

Yesterday evening, I received an email from Oddfellow Labs promoting their new game, Knobb’s End, a fake game that’s being released along side the first episode of NPC that’s essentially a massive gag game which has potential players perpetually waiting for the game to load.

With this much effort put into promoting both the game and the series, I had to see for myself what exactly the deal was, and oh boy what a treat I was in for.

So Knobb’s End is the first of many mini games that’ll launch along side other episodes of NPC. The game itself is being marketed as a serious RPG with a deeper mystery however when players open up the game, they’ll be presented with a loading screen that never ends.

Knobb’s End is also the name of the village in which NPC is set, and this is the best thing I’ve watched for a long, long time.

You can check out the pilot episode of NPC below. You can also download Knobb’s End, or trick your friends into downloading the game, from the page.

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