Portland, US-based comics publisher, Oni Press, has announced the launch of Oni Games, a brand new gaming effort to bring Oni Press titles to the tabletop genre.

Following the positive reception of a number of products and comics released by Oni Press, such as Renegade Game Studios’ Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game and the Dead of Winter comic series, the company has decided to make the most of it and dive head first into the world of tabletop gaming.

“As fans of the exciting developments and explosive growth in modern tabletop, we are excited to bring the same level of quality and execution in our creator-owned comics and graphic novels to the world of board games,” commented Oni Press’ VP of Creative/Business Development, Charlie Chu. “The opportunity to bring our library of fun, accessible, and idiosyncratic comics and graphic novels to life from page to cardboard is irresistible.”

This new venture will see Oni Press partnering with a number of new and veteran game designers as well as established game publishers to bring some of their much-loved characters from their library of unique characters and worlds to the tabletop.

In an effort to get things moving as smoothly as possible, Oni Press have brought on industry veteran Steve Ellis who’ll be able to bring his 20 years of expertise to the table. His experience includes being the founder and owner of Rainy Day Games, as well as working on titles like Dicey Goblins, the Trains series, and much more.

Right now no actual games have been announced from the company, but I’m sure they’re hard at work bringing comic worlds to life in board game form.

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