While most of us have been distracted by the Overwatch Summer Games event the last few weeks (even those of us that hate Lucioball want dem skinz), Blizzard have been busy making tweaks in the PTR.

In what is perhaps one of the biggest slew of tweaks that the developer has ever tested, multiple characters who are not currently competitive could be receiving a buff and Doomfist could be receiving a big nerf. As a Zenyatta main, I’m just looking forward to not get OHK by Mr Fist going forward.

It seems there is some acknowledgement that Doomfist’s rocket punch is currently overpowered. The hitbox for the move will be dramatically reduced meaning that players will have to work harder to land it. Given the attack can see off most supports and offence characters it’ll be a welcome change for all those who find they’re getting hit hard by Overwatch’s newest addition. It’s potentially a good nerf for the move as Doomfist’s mobility will still remain high with the distance travelled and cool down of the move unchanged. If he misses more often he’ll also generate less shielding for himself make him easier to finish off.

Roadhog fans will no doubt rejoice after their boy is getting buffed after his aggressive nerf last month. Roadhog became a less viable pick after having his damage decreased and fire rate increased. It essentially means that he is dishing out less damage and totally prevented him from get off that killer combo players loved so much. The good news is that he’ll now be able to heal while walking (gone are the days of running and hiding to heal) and will take 50% less damage if being attacked when healing. This will help him absorb more damage on the frontline and hopefully mean he becomes a more viable tank for holding choke points.


The long expected Junkrat buff is also here with him now able to have two concussion mines up at the same time. As well as massively improving his mobility, this should also allow him to set more complex traps and play more aggressively when needed. Junkrat’s ultimate will also be able to climb walls for longer and move faster ensuring he’ll get more kills with an ultimate that was just too easy to destroy previously. 

Orisa will also receive a couple of buffs. Her projectiles will fire faster allowing for more devastating damage when using her crowd control ability. She’ll also be better at protecting her team because the size of her barrier is increasing. While this will help control choke points it’ll also make it easier for the enemy to shred it so this is a double edged sword in some ways.

Finally, everyone’s favourite DPS [why tho?], Widowmaker will be given the buff fans have been requested for months. The cool down on her grappling hook will be dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. This will give her more mobility, survivability and options to getting to new locations after she’s spotted. In what is possibly the most interesting change though, Blizzard have also buffed her venom mine. Enemies affected by venom mine will now be visible through walls for a short time. This should allow less-skilled Widowmakers to line up decent headshots on unsuspecting enemies and cause more hassle for the opposing team.

It’s possible these changes could go live at the end of the Summer Games event, If you have any thoughts on these tweaks let us know in the comments below!

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