Epic Games has unveiled details on a massive new update coming to their MOBA, Paragon, that’s going to be a game changer.

It seems like forever since Paragon entered early access on PC and PlayStation 4, and since its initial launch a lot has changed, but now the game is set to enter “The New Dawn” with a substantial, game changing update.

The New Dawn update comes with a complete rework of the game’s card/itemisation system, as well as speeds up gameplay, as well as offering new player progression and rewards.

In Paragon, players “build” their heroes by activating cards before diving into battle. These cards can add temporary buffs and completely power up heroes as they earn more and more card power through gameplay. The New Dawn update is set to completely rework how players build Heroes. Players will now be able to work with 100 brand new cards each with their own unique abilities.

A brand new Gem system is also being introduced that’ll augment Hero stats and also unlock even more unique abilities. This gives players a huge variety of power in the hands of players who can really tailor-make their game play experience. It’ll also be a completely new look and way to play.

One of the biggest issues in the game is speed. Initially the game started out quite low, but over time Epic Games has gradually increased the speed, and they’re not stopping. The new update will increase attack speed and will reduce cooldown for all Heroes, making gameplay feel a lot more explosive and fast-paced.

Another big change to the game is that balance has been completely rebuilt. That’s right, gameplay balance has been completely revamped with every Hero, Tower, and Minion getting new baseline stat attributes. What’s more, one of the more over-powered characters, Iggy & Scorch have been completely reworked with abilities changing across the board.

Iggy & Scorch now have new Turrets, a new attack, and a brand new Ultimate ability. Great news for those against the Heroes, not so great for those who play as them. A brand new trailer for these changes can be found below:

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Paragon has been in the works for some time and the game has had many changes and patches based on fan feedback. The New Dawn update will likely bring along more community-driven changes to improve the game as it finally nears its launch.

A full list of changes can be found over on the game’s update page.

The New Dawn update is currently rolling out to all players.

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