Penny Dreadful: The Awakening #3 takes a break from the mummy/zombie hoard and sheds light on the backstory of why Belial is so grumpy.

The backstory is a good filler installment. It lets readers see the man Belial used to be and gives a very interesting take on Dracula’s origins. Spoiler Alert: Apparently he’s Egyptian?

Anyway while it isn’t as enticing and actions packed as the first two in this series, it does a good job of explaining the villains motives. Seeing the hows and whys behind our mummified friend isn’t something every comic takes the time to do, so if nothing else, it’s appreciated. Side note, you get to see boobies! Who doesn’t love boobies?!

The art style felt a little messier this time around. Some of the darker scenes can be slightly hard to distinguish. The faces of some of the characters, the old lady necromancer in particular, can be hard to read at points as well. Nonetheless, the art is clear enough to understand the over all picture, even if some frames can get muddy.

The story, or back story in this case, is a classic “forbidden love” tale. Belial loves Amunett, Amunett loves Belial but shes betrothed to Amun-ra who is kind of a jealous dick. You know, the usual.

I will give the series this, the writing has stayed consistent throughout so far. It continues to keep it’s focus and stay serious through a few tonal changes that would potentially ruin other stories.

Overall, Penny Dreadful #3 delivers a solid back story and helps give insight into the motivation behind the series big bad. Keep an eye out for Penny Dreadful #4!

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