Penny Dreadful: The Awakening #4 kicks things up a notch with its fourth instalment. From action, to thickening the plot with familiar old faces, Penny Dreadful #4 is one hell of a fun ride.

Picking up right where #3 left off, this issue delivers on the action. Characters old and new are introduced, or re-introduced, and the plot expands to encompass these new allies and enemies. Whats nice is seeing this singular focus grow. When this story started it was just Ethan, Malcom and company, dealing with the loss of Ms. Ives. Now we see characters sprouting out of the wood works and the radius of the story expand to show that this is much bigger than this small group of heroes.

Ethan shows off his new powers, Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll make some nice cameos, and their enemy’s power grows. This is probably the best issue so far from this series.

The art continues to convey the busy action of whats going on, while also stumbling here and there to show clearly whats happening.

The story goes from 0-60 in this one. One minute you’re wondering what Malcom and Ethan will do, the next you’re being introduced to new character after new character. This one moves fast but in a way where it is easy to follow. Hopefully we will get more insight into these new characters and groups. Seeing them have their moment to shine and their stories fleshed out more could make this a very well-rounded series.

The writing yet again continues to keep things moving at a steady pace. Keeping things serious while never losing sight of the dire consequences our heroes face should they fail. Pretty sure no one wants their heart ripped from their chest.

Penny Dreadful #4 delivers an action packed issue and is the best this series has done thus far! Penny Dreadful #5 coming soon.

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