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Peregrin Releases Next Week

Green Man Gaming will be releasing their long awaited mythical, puzzle combat game, Peregrin, next week on August 8!

Peregrin tells a rich, haunting story through stylised visuals and a unique combat puzzle mechanic. You, the player, have to possess your enemies to fight for you in order to survive! Check out the latest gameplay walkthrough trailer below.

In this captivating sci-fi, mythical adventure set in a gorgeous world, Abi, a young member of a scavenger tribe, leaves her sanctuary to venture forth on an epic journey across The Divide. She aims to fulfill an ancient prophecy; beg the vengeful Gods for forgiveness in order to restore life to her homelands.

Peregrin takes you on an emotional journey across eerie landscapes and makes you face complex puzzles and deadly creatures in a wonderfully realized world.

Key Features include:

  • A beautiful, minimalist art style
  • Fully voiced story that takes you on a moving journey of personal and collective loss
  • Complex environmental puzzles that require you to use Abi’s arcane powers to temporarily possess creatures in the world
  • Touching score composed by Chris Randle
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Peregrin releases next week on August 8!

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