Theme park simulator Planet Coaster has now sold more than 1 million units, the British studio Frontier has announced. The studio’s other success Elite Dangerous, has now sold 2.75 million units.

Launched in November of last year, Planet coaster has received continuous updates since its release, the latest of which (version 1.3.6) has added Cedar Point’s new Steel Vengeance coaster into the game. The collaboration brings the new coaster into the game for free, and is available as a pre-made blueprint for immediate construction, but it will be possible to create a custom layout. The coaster is joined by a new ride entrance design, as well as Cedar Point branding.

The update has also:

  • Added a prompt to enable extended debugging when a gpu crash is detected
  • Fixed an issue where display sequencers would not trigger at certain times
  • Fixed an issue where activation times on display sequences would reset
  • Improved the monthly cost feedback on closed facilities
  • Edges of custom biome parks will now appear correctly on lower spec machines
  • General stability fixes and improvements

With yet another million sales milestone achieved, all eyes are now on Gamescom, where Frontier are expected to announce their third project.

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