Sony has unveiled the games that’ll be coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers next month and there’s a couple of bonus games including one for PS VR owners.

Coming to PS Plus subscribers in September is a mixed bag and something for every PlayStation player. On PlayStation 4 we’ve got inFAMOUS: Second Son, a launch title for the PS4 which was pretty well received. If you haven’t played this yet, then now’s your chance. Also on PS4 is Ubisoft’s attempt at creating a JRPG: Child of Light, and they did pretty well for themselves.

There’s also a bonus title for PS VR players in RIGS Mechanised Combat League. A launch title for PS VR, RIGS Mechanised Combat League has players piloting their own mechs as they enter a sports league where they themselves need to throw themselves through giant hoops.

Finally, another bonus game comes in the form of Sony’s own party game, That’s You, which has been a part of the PS Plus round-up for three months now.

As for PS3 players, there’s two titles to choose from in the form of Truck Racer and Hand Ball 2016. For PS Vita, we’ve got two PS4 / PS Vita cross-play games; We Are Doomed, and pigeon dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend.

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