Launching in the UK on October 6, fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game will be getting a brand new expansion to add to their collection.

Players will finally get the chance to add Shining Pokemon to their deck, including ones such as Shining Jirachi and Shining Volcanion, and a slew of other legendary Pokemon like Shaymon and Marshadow.

The Shining Legends expansion is jam packed with 75 cards featuring both shining and mythical Pokemon. Plus, you’ll also be getting 11 Booster Cards, two of which are guaranteed to be foil cards! All new Pokemon to be added to the mix too – the powerful Pokemon-GX – Which will include the Mewtwo-GX and Raichu-GX. You can also keep your eye out for full-art rainbow Pokemon-GX!

There’s a lot to offer in this newest expansion to the TCG, offering fans both new Pokemon and things they haven’t seen in virtually over a decade. Oh, and if you missed it, to celebrate the launch of Sun & Moon – Burning Shadows, Team Skull and Pikachu took to the street for an epic dance-off, check it out:

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Are you excited for this latest Pokemon TCG expansion? What do you think about shining Pokemon making a return? Let us know in the comments down below!

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