Power Rangers Cosmic Drift Saves the Day

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you merged Power Rangers with the Fast and the Furious or something like Need for Speed? Well, Drift Rangers scratches that itch.

Yeah, it maybe advertisement designed to introduce you Peelander Z, a whacky Japanese punk rock band and give the folks from Drift Formula something fun to do. Though let’s be honest, it’s way better than Power Rangers Turbo since no one gets baked into a giant pizza by a monster with a very bad Italian accent.

Matt Field and Chelsea DeNofa and friends take up the roles of professional racers and colour coordinated superheroes called Drift Rangers do battle with evil stock footage of Rita Repulsa, the bad guy from the first Power Rangers series.

When Peelander Z is kidnapped by Rita’s minions, it’s up for the Drift Rangers to use their cars in the vein of an old episode of Knightrider to save the day by using their cars to do anything.

Fusing a Japanese superhero show and a style of racing which originated from Japan, is kind of a fun 7-minute view, but I would totally watch a movie called Power Rangers vs Drift Rangers Dawn of Peelander Z.

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