Power Rangers Turbo

There comes a time in a superheroes life when they realise they simply just can’t punch their way out of another feud with a villain and they have to rely on their other skills. So what would happen if a Power Ranger came across a situation where they would have to become a spy? Who would make the cut for that case?

In this particular scenario, it needs to be someone who can sneak around unnoticed and since spying is a tough game, you’ll also need a very strong motivation. My pick would be Carlos from Power Rangers In Space and the not-so-well-received Power Rangers Turbo.

I’m sure saving the world a few more times could help Power Rangers Turbo look a little better. Why Carlos? Well, I’ve got a couple of reasons why.

If I’m honest, and according to other Power Rangers mega fans, the replacement Rangers in Power Rangers Turbo we’re kind of blank slates, though some fans have also said the same about previous changes, this one kind crashed the franchise.

Since Carlos as a character could almost blend into the background like a good spy, it also helps that his last Power Rangers colour was black. So that would help with sneaking around at night.

Like most Power Rangers he’s a top fighter and got even better during the show when he lost his mojo and had the veteran predecessor, Adam, help him get it back.

Another thing that episode shined a light on was how Carlos was the typical third Ranger mould of being a quirky little outcast like the goofy Bridge of Power Rangers SPD or how Adam managed to go out on his own from his team in Once a Ranger, a special anniversary episode.

Also, he was into football in the show and I can think of some cool fight scenes that you can use with a football. You could even use a football to distract guards as you sneak around.

So if the Power Rangers in Space have disbanded and they’ve beaten all the bad guys in space, I might have a job for Carlos.

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