Oh My Godheads is a classic brawler full of sword-swinging, pie-slinging multiplayer madness!. Four players compete to carry the Godhead totem to their team’s goal while dodging and disrupting the enemy and all manner of arena hazards and traps.

Oh My Godheads is painfully simple in concept; Get the Godhead to the goal, however nothing is ever that simple. There are several unique Godheads that all have their own abilities and alter gameplay in different ways, some rain down lightning from the sky or obscure the carrier from vision behind a smoke cloud. One particular Godhead has a nasty habit of exploding if you hold onto it for too long, meaning you and your partner have to co-ordinate passing the head to each other whilst avoiding/defeating your enemies and reaching the goal.

Not only are there various different deity themed Godheads (they are GOD heads afterall), there’s a wide selection of different fighters to choose from. Including a tophat and monocle wearing gentleman penguin. What more could you ever need?

Escorting the Godhead requires not only teamwork and co-ordination but also cunning and skill. Combining your limited movement capabilities, attacks, throws and dodges into one fluid and foolproof technique takes some serious practice. The controls are easy to grasp for sure, but difficult to master and that’s the sign of any great game.

Anyone can play it but it takes time and dedication to be great at it. Learning to utilise the right-analogue stick for its Dodge controls takes the game to a whole new level. Running and dash-attacking your foes is pretty standard, lobbing an exploding pie will almost always get the job done too but learning to dodge effectively is an art form that can save your life in some of the more drawn out duels.

This charming little game oozes character and charm from every pore, from its unique cell-shaded/planar texture artstyle to its characters, maps, challenges and (most importantly) its Godheads. The soundtrack is a perfect accompaniment with its simple yet upbeat and frantic tracks.

Oh My Godheads may be small but it packs on helluva punch, just be careful it doesn’t knock your block off!

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