Following on from our regular weekly PSVR release column, due to the quiet release schedule this month we’re bringing you the entire month of releases so you can plan ahead.

It seems the gaming summer drought affects VR too as there are only a handful of releases this month so far, hardly a spec on last week’s bumper book of releases. So without any more hesitation, let’s see what August has in store for us.

And be sure to check-in regularly as we’ll be updating this list as more games are unveiled throughout the month.

Castlestorm VR (August 1)

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It’s CastleStorm, but in Virtual Reality, what’s not to love about that one?

CastleStorm VR brings the same great tower-defence action-RPG gameplay from the main game, but this time you get a first-hand look at all of the action. Send your knights, soldiers, archers, and more against your foes in this unique VR castle vs. castle game.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to take a seat in your own lovely wooden medieval cinema complex…

Dino Frontier (August 1)

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Remember that BBC TV show, Walking with Dinosaurs? Well, think of that, but in VR. Well, not quite. Dino Frontier takes the idea of the wild west and blends it with dinosaurs. Instead of horses and bison, we’ve got dinosaurs.

Dino Fronteir is basically a VR management game where you’re tasked with keeping a settlement of dino-riding cowboys alive. Manage their food, build their buildings, and rear your own fleet of dinos.

Essentially, you’re God in a world where Dinosaurs and the Wild West collide.

VRog (August 1)

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VRog is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a virtual reality frog simulator and it launches on PSVR on August 1 following its success on Wii U, Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR.

Players are tasked with catching as many flies as possible either against the fly hungry stork or in a race against the clock to become the fastest fly catcher in the west.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul (August 15)

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Remember that movie series which took the found-footage horror genre to new levels? The one which had a demon of some sort wandering around at night, but you never actually saw anything?

Well, it’s coming to Virtual Reality. No thank you.

Following its Early Access release on Steam, it’s finally coming to PSVR and will tell a whole new chilling story and will feature plenty of jump scares.

Observer (August 15)

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Observer is another VR horror title that this time tells a more modern horror. What if you were hacked, not your bank account, you, your mind. What would you do if your nightmares were manipulated?

Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) takes the role of Neural Detective Dan Lazarski, also known as an Observer, who hacks and observes peoples minds in order to find the truth, however this truth can be quite disturbing.

Obduction (August 29)

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From the creators of Myst comes Obduction, a game in which the player is abducted across the universe to a world filled with broken pieces of Earth. It seems familiar, but it’s just all out of whack.

Players are thrust into this world with no answers and they must explore, uncover, and solve the mysteries within to try and find a way home.

Sparc (August 29)

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CCP Games is set to revolutionise VR as we know it with Sparc, the first “V-Sports” game. Think VR Ping Pong but a bit more hardcore.

In Sparc players are met with 1 v 1 game modes in which they must throw and deflect projectiles at one another to score goals. It’s fast-paced and requires a lot of hand-eye coordination.

The game is set to feature plenty of game modes including a single player training mode, multiplayer, and an observation deck which players can spectate other matches.

The Lost Bear (August 31)

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The Lost Bear is an interesting one. Despite being a PSVR title, the game takes place mostly on a 2D stage with the player sitting back as an audience member to this narrative puppet show. However this show adapts and changes depending on what’s happening in the game.

In The Lost Bear, players control Walnut, a young girl who is on an adventure to rescue her teddy bear and bring it back home.

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