PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has received its monthly update today which brings a number of fixes to the game as well as the controversial crate system.

Following a small patch, a much bigger 5.3GB patch is set to arrive to all players of PUBG today that’ll come with a slew of much-needed bug fixes and additional content. However it also marks the arrival of the new first-person servers and the crate and key system.

There’s a hefty list of fixes that will come with the patch can be found in a community post from earlier this month. Though the two most notable updates are the addition of first-person only servers.

For the most part, PUBG is a third-person shooter with the occasional first-person perspective, this as some may argue, gives players an advantage as they’re able to peer through windows and over ledges without actually being seen. In first-person servers, the perspective is forced so players no longer have this advantage and it likely makes for an even tenser game mode.

Other new features include an added animation when using drag and drop with inventory. This is mostly visual and has no effect on the game, and finally there’s a slightly decreased delay time when looting items with the F key.

The developers wrote on Twitter that after testing with no delay to looting, they decided to just delay it slightly rather than removing it completely as it felt “very unbalanced”.

“We are still listening to community feedback and will continue our evaluation of the looting mechanisms,” they added.

Finally, the most controversial update to the game is the addition of three new crates, one of which – the Gamescom Invitational crate – requires players to purchase a key in order to unlock it. This hasn’t been the most well received addition, however in a statement, PlayerUnknown a.k.a. Brendan Greene said that while they could have delivered the news better, these microtransactions are here to stay.

The new crates will set players back 1,400 Battle Points, whereas the Gamescom Invitational crate will set players back 2,400 Battle Points, then the cost of the key which is $2.50 or £1.90. The Gamescom crates are available until August 23.

For a full list of changes, head on over to the patch notes on the Steam Community page.

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