In a chat with Eurogamer at Gamescom this year, Player Unknown himself, Brendan Greene, confirmed that the size of the new desert map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will in fact be 8x8km.

Previously rumoured to be 4x4km, Green announced to Eurogamer that “For 100 players an 8×8 just makes more sense and it gives more flexibility when we move onto custom games and things like that.” This will make the new map equal to PUBG‘s current map in size, despite past rumours of it being a quarter of the size.

This years Gamescom has been a big one for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with the game surpassing DOTA 2‘s concurrent player base for the first time, more details of the games’ Xbox One release, and of course the PUBG Gamescom Invitational.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently available on PC through Steam early access.

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