This weekend Coffee Stain Studios, the developer behind Goat Simulator, announced Puppet Fever, the company’s first dive into Virtual Reality (VR).

In Summer 2016 Coffee Stain Studios rallied game developers to submit prototype VR games for a potential publishing partnership. After many submissions and many sponsored game jams, Coffee Stain discovered Puppet Fever by indie developer Coastalbyte.

Puppet Fever is local multiplayer VR game which is essentially VR charades. In the game players take the role of the puppet master of a virtual theatre. Here, they must use a series of props to act out a hidden word and its up to the other players to guess. And the best part about it all, is that it only requires one VR headset.

This game genuinely sounds like the first real local-multiplayer VR party game where players, regardless whether they have a VR headset on their faces, can also enjoy the game.

Check out the game’s debut trailer below:

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Puppet Fever is due to launch to a number of VR headsets later this year. Until then, players can sign up to the game’s alpha.


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