Ubisoft has revealed that their tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, has hit 20 million registered players. A pretty impressive number considering the game’s rocky beginnings.

It’s taken almost 20 months, but Rainbow Six Siege is now doing pretty well for itself as Ubisoft has managed to turn the game from a pretty lukewarm shooter into something that 2.3 million players play daily. That’s right, Ubisoft has revealed that over 2 million players tune into the game daily.

In a blog post, Ubisoft also revealed that the game had finally hit the 20 million registered players mark. Though that being said, the daily player count is way more impressive as that shows those who still actively play the game, not those who played during the game’s multiple free weekends, for example.

Since launch, Rainbow Six Siege has gone through a number of changes and has received a number of improvements. Not only that, Ubisoft has been committed to not one or two, but three years of additional content all of which can be unlocked and played for free.

There’s now a total of 30 Operators in the game (up from 20) and a total of 16 maps currently in the game, with more of each coming in the next few months.

Siege has also become a pretty profitable esport, with a pro league which is currently underway bringing a fair few viewers on Twitch.



Well done, Ubisoft.

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