ReCore Definitive Edition Teased Once More
ReCore Horizontal Key Art

It looks like Comcept’s action-adventure platformer, ReCore, is getting a Definitive Edition that’ll include better visuals as well as a new mission.

News of a Definitive Edition first surfaced via IndianNoob who reported new details about this new release. ReCore: Definitive Edition is set to launch on August 29, according to the report, and will include HDR support, higher-resolution graphics, as well as a mission named Eye of Obsidian.

In addition, players will finally be able to find the corebot T8NK which is mentioned a fair bit in the game, but never made an appearance. The site even managed to dig up some screenshots of the new frame.

Up until this point, there was no official word from Comcept or Microsoft, however, a Tweet was posted on the game’s official channel this week which suggests something is on the way, it even included an image of the T8KN.

One of the biggest complaints about ReCore was that it felt incomplete, now, with a possible Definitive Edition on the way, it may solve that problem, especially if new content is on the horizon too. Though here’s hoping existing players also receive the content.

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