The planet Earth is under attack and only crew of the SDF-1 stand a chance of stopping these mysterious invaders in their tracks… The second issue of Robotech is in our hands, so how did it fair?

Well, with the last issue I was unsure where this series was going. in the run up to launch, press releases told us that “Harmony Gold’s cult 80s TV series, Robotech returns for all-new adventures!” However, these aren’t all new adventures, it’s not a continuation like Voltrons Dynamite comics run.

Though I do agree with the line that “this new comic series will delight original fans and newcomers alike!” It great for fans of the original anime and newcomers since it’s a slicker and fairly faithful adaptation of the source material.

Although I wasn’t too impressed in the beginning, the art is starting to grow on me, though I do get why they haven’t gone for a more manga style, so the book can at least feel like it’s own thing for the promised re-imagination of the property.

As we quickly breeze through the plot at a much quicker pace than the show I’m already getting the vibe this will be a Battlestar Galactica style re-imagination. Maybe it’s due to certain similarities in the plot and how these nostalgia properties always come back a little dark and gritty like G.I Joe and Transformers.

This issue, we focus on Rick Hunter and Minmei trying to survive the invasion of Macross Island, the home of the advanced alien starship called the SDF-1. Meanwhile, Gloval, the head officer of the SDF-1 makes an important decision in the battle against the invading forces which changes everything.

This is probably where things are going to start changing and the never seen before part of the story will begin. This issue was good but it needs to get the point and show us what makes the adaption worth doing.

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