Developer Psyonix has been making a habit of giving gamers on certain platforms exclusive content, and Nintendo Switch owners wont have to wait long before getting their hands on some exclusive Nintendo Themed Cars in Rocket League.

In a new trailer the developer has announced both a Mario and Luigi car, (titled Mario NSR and Luigi NSR respectfully) as well as Samus’ Gunship based on the Metroid series Protagonist. These vehicles will be available in game via unlocks, much like the base content.

The only real disappointment for Switch users is that they wont be able to play with PlayStation 4 users over cross-play, as Sony have blocked access for both Switch and Xbox One users from engaging with PlayStation Plus users via cross play for ‘security reasons’. We’ve heard that one before.

While Samus’ Gunship will be available in a variety of colours based on Samus’ Varia suit alternatives from the Metroid series, the Mario and Luigi cars will be team specific, to Orange and Blue respectfully.

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Rocket League for Switch is set for release around the Christmas Holidays 2017.

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