It looks like Middle-earth: Shadow of War is getting a pretty substantial end-game that’ll turn the entire thing on its head.

If the addition of microtransactions hasn’t put you off completely, completing Shadow of War will open an end-game mission type named Shadow Wars, according to Eurogamer. In Shadow Wars players will be forced to protect fortresses, rather than attacking them, completely turning the tables on players.

Sauron’s army will be hoping to gain control of those lost fortresses and it’s up to players to protect them. The assaults will be split into different stages, with things getting harder as stages progress. Players will hold these capture points until the warchiefs have been killed or defeated.

If players fail, the fortresses will go back into Sauron’s control and will have them attempting to take it back in order to advance. To make matters worse, players may also be tasked with rescuing a captured orc that was previously installed as an Overlord.

Once players have committed enough time to completing this end-game mission, the final ending will take place, and will tie events of Shadow of War with the Lord of the Rings.

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