Wizard Fu and Double Eleven have announced that the pixel-art adventure RPG, Songbringer, will be launching on Xbox One and PC from September 1, and on PS4 on September 5.

In Songbringer players take the role of Roq, a space surveyor who finds himself stranded on a strange planet. Fortunately, Roq is accompanied by Jib, his robot companion. Unfortunately, Roq and Jib quickly discover that they’ve awoken an ancient evil army who’s about to destroy the universe, so I guess they’ve got to stop it.

This action RPG is inspired by classic Zelda games and offers real time combat, and a wide range of weapons for players to wield. The game is also chock full of secrets due to worlds being generated from a 6-letter world seed. This seed determins the layout of the overworld and the dungeons beneath.

All of this is presented in a stunning pixel art style. Check the game out in the trailer below:

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