If you missed our talk on Spider-Men II #1 you can find it here.

Now I would like to apologise for some slight mis-information and mis-interpretations of facts and details. Miles Morales has taken up residence in the main Marvel universe and has been there for a while. Having not read the Ultimate Spiderman series since the original 150-issue run, I’d missed that and just assumed he was visiting because of the dimensional rift. My apologies. With that said, it’s on with the show!

The timeline is a little messy what with Issue #1 opening with current happenings then flashing back to a week before watching Peter battle an Armadillo man while Miles is at school, prior to the rift re-opening. Issue #2 picks up from that point a week ago with our pair standing face to face with Taskmaster, who has just appeared out of the dimensional rift.

As always Marvel’s writing is pretty flawless and the two Spidermen start throwing out quips and thwips almost immediately. Both Spideys share more than just the same costume and power motifs but also the same sense of humour and characteristics. The two get battered by Taskmaster as expected, since Spidey has tangled with him before and Peter taught Miles most of what he knows they’re bound to have similar styles for Taskmaster to take apart.

Taskmaster gets away and receives a phone call from a mysterious stranger in Detroit but mentions that something didn’t go according to plan and that if Miles Morales can’t honour a deal then there is no deal. Just what deal remains to be seen but it must have something to do with the spiders. Spidey-Miles (because this isn’t going to get confusing at all…) catches up to Taskmaster and overhears him saying Miles’ name and after a brief scuffle and explosion begins asking Peter questions.

The odd part is that Peter seems to lie to Miles. We all saw the panel where he returns to Earth-616 after the original Spider-Men arc and searched his counterpart in his home universe. You don’t say “Oh my god.” for no reason but Peter claims to have found out nothing, that according to all the records there is no other Miles Morales.

Moving forward to 6 days before the airfield encounter in issue #1 Miles admits to his school friend and love interest Barbara that he’d been looking into his own name and found nothing but his school friend “talking smack”. The two share a moment rudely interrupted by Peter asking Miles to meet him tomorrow (5 days before the airfield).

The two trade some banter and meet Jessica Jones, who Peter has hired to investigate Miles and discover if there really is another Miles native to 616. She also reports that there’s nothing to be found after an “exhaustive” search. After investigating S.H.I.E.L.D.’s own files for any trace of another Miles she still has nothing. Begging the question of what did Peter find the first time around?

We flash forwards to the pair chasing the plane down before it takes off and we see Taskmaster’s mask revealed in the window of the plane. On the plane with him is our mysterious evil Miles who zooms in on the security footage showing Spidey-Miles without his mask, throwing it to Petey and walking away. Evil Miles then tells Taskmaster to kill them both or he’ll kill him. Someone capable of threatening Taskmaster and meaning it is not someone to cross lightly.

So we’re still left wondering just who Miles Morales from Earth-616 actually is and have received very little information to help discover anything useful. Are Jessica and Peter hiding the truth from Miles and they know who he is but are trying to protect him? Or is there really nothing out there? S.H.I.E.L.D. would be able to easily hide that kind of information from Miles and his own attempts to find anything out so it’s possible.

Also how is Evil Miles able to threaten Taskmaster and be taken seriously? He is clearly a man of resources to have his own private jet, staff and the ability to hire Taskmaster. Question is what sinister secret is he hiding? Is he actually some kind of clone of Miles? Or possibly Miles’ father who has become trapped in Peter’s dimension. Although having seen Taskmaster in the presence of the dimensional rift it seems unlikely that he’s trapped.

Having arrived from another dimension or possibly another timeline would explain why there’s no traces of him in S.H.I.E.L.D. files or online. He also appears to be older than Miles so it’s possible he could be some future version, however killing Miles in the past would surely kill him too so that’s unlikely too.

The mystery looks set to continue as we await issue #3’s release.

Until next time, True Believers!

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