Splatoon 2 is a very simple and easy to play game but that doesn’t mean it can’t be quite complex as well. Focusing primarily on online multiplayer gameplay means that no two matches will ever be the same but as with any online multiplayer game there will always be staples and similarities!  

Here’s a list of hopefully helpful tips and tricks to surviving the mayhem and coming out on top more often than not! 

Turf War

Turf War is the most commonly played game mode without doubt. Two teams of four compete to paint as much up-ward facing terrain as physically possible before the end of the 3-minute time frame, whilst battling each other and preventing the enemy from doing the same.

If you want to get ahead then here are a few tips to help you get as much ground covered.

  • Fire in bursts: Inking the ground in front of you allows you to advance a short distance while regenerating your ammo/ink/paint ready to continue the advance when you resurface. 
  • Spread out: At the start of the match it’s important to spread out and ink as much of the “home” terrain as possible as you move forward. Going down the same route as one of your teammates from the off wastes time and ink as you’ll both be covering the same ground. There’s typically four different routes from the spawn point so each person is able to take a separate route to maximise coverage. 
  • Paint the house: The “home” terrain previously mentioned is the area immediately surrounding your team’s spawn point. Usually it is impossible for the enemy team to get up here and normally pretty difficult to fire into so covering this terrain once usually gives you a safe base level that needs little to no maintenance as the match progresses. 

  • Splats aren’t everything: The team with the most splats won’t necessarily win the round, although odds are good that they’ve dominated the terrain due to reduced numbers out there painting BUT that’s not always the case. The aim of the game is to paint ground not people. Sure, splats paint a large area quickly and removes someone from the front line temporarily but it’s not the most important thing. 
  • Spray and Pray: If you have to fight, fight hard and don’t stop firing. Every shot you fire, even if it misses, will hit the ground nearby and paint it for your team. An intense firefight might end in both teams retreating to re-ink/load but maintain a neutral coverage. 
  • Pick your favourites: Your weapon of choice doesn’t matter all that much except for playing with what’s most comfortable for you. The heavy hitting, high coverage Roller can be just as devastating as the Splat Dualies in the right hands so stick to what you know and feel comfortable with! 

Splat Zones, Rain Maker and Tower Control

Splat Zones is a King-of-the-Hill type game mode where players compete to ink a certain area of terrain and hold it for a set length of time. Here splats are worth a whole lot more and so go for the throat!

These games are only found in Ranked play and so things are a little more intense as expected! Rain Maker is a payload-style mode where you are tasked with transporting a special weapon, the Rainmaker, to the enemy base. Tower Control is much like the name would suggest, control the mobile tower as it moves through the level.

Want to stay king? Here are a few more tips.

  • Go for the throat: Taking down the enemy team here is important for maintaining control of the match. Instead of painting the ground focus fire on your enemy and hope to splat them sooner rather than later. 
  • Stick together: Simple really. A team of four people are far harder to bring down than a single person operating alone. Stick together and you stand a better chance of maintaining control. 
  • Tactical insertions: Tempting as it may be to Super Jump straight back into the action, take a few seconds to read the map. If your teammates are getting stomped then jumping back in would do way more harm than good, unless you’re some kind of splat-god (Looking at you Dylan), take a moment to regroup, maintain your “supply lines” to the front line and then go get ’em! 



  • Maintain supply lines: Didn’t see this one coming did ya? Another simple one, maintaining a direct and simple route to the front line in ink will help speed up reinforcement and give you an easy retreat if needed! 
  • Pick your favourites: Again, you’re a far more efficient splatting machine if you are using a weapon you’re familiar with and comfortable using. The right tool can be quite devastating, but that being said, don’t be that guy that brings the Roller. Sure, it’s great for a OHKO but its limited range can be quite the hindrance. The Inkbrush however provides a quickly advancing line with high defensive capabilities but flinging ink to reduce incoming fire. 

And that’s it for mode specific tips, the rest are pretty standard and universal across game modes. 

  • Duck and weave: Dropping into the ink and popping back out after moving just a short distance is a good way for confusing your target and keeping them on their toes. 
  • Run silent, Run deep: Equipping a couple of the ink-visibility reducing skills will allow you to move through the ink that little easier and be a touch more unpredictable when engaging the enemy. 
  • Dress to kill: Skills aren’t everything as more often than not the advantages they give are slight and don’t make too much difference, so dress however you think looks best for your Squid-Kid but equipping and stacking the right skills can be useful at times for example, ink saver skills on low-efficiency weapons can be life-saving. 

Now hopefully by employing a couple of these should help give you the edge over your enemies and your paint job that little extra flair. Until next time folks! 

Don’t get cooked, Stay off the hook! 

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