Spotify might finally be coming to Xbox One, that is if an image of Major Nelson with the app on his Xbox is anything to go by.

Spotify has been available on consoles for some time now, and by consoles I mean the PS4. An arrival on Xbox One has always been a big question, but due to an exclusive deal between Spotify and Sony an Xbox One release was always ruled out. However, this exclusive deal might be coming to an end.

According to an image shared on reddit, Spotify could be coming to Xbox One. The image is of Xbox spokesperson Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb using the Spotify app on his Xbox. Unfortunately the image is off-screen and of only the area which has Hyrb using the app, so could easily be a doctored or fake image.

That being said, there have been plenty of sightings of a Spotify Xbox App over the past couple of days, the first being a note on the Microsoft retail training portal teasing the release of the app, and The Verge also claims to have a source who confirms the app is indeed coming.

With no official announcements as of yet, we’re all sitting here with bated breath waiting for something.

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