Since its inception back in 2016, the Square Enix Collective already has a pretty impressive line up of releases from The Turing Test to Black the Fall. The platform also has some impressive games their upcoming slate of releases, and at Gamescom this year they demonstrated four of them, each of which are definitely worth your attention.

For those who don’t know, Square Enix Collective is a platform which aims to help independent developers find an audience for their games by leveraging Square’s community and media sources. At Gamescom this year they’re using those resources to show off four games, each of which differ from the last. It’s a real eclectic spread that I dare say offers something for everyone.

First, we’ve got Oh My Godheads. This is a multiplayer game where players are tasked with fighting for control of ancient stone heads that represent Gods within the game. It’s incredibly fast paced, but a hell of a lot of fun, especially as each Godhead offers a unique area effect if held onto for too long. Oh My Godheads is currently available on PC in Early Access.

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Something a little calmer, is Forgotten Anne, a game which I can only describe as Studio Ghibli the game. In Forgotten Anne players control Anne as she tries to escape the Forgotten Lands and return to the real world. Forgotten Anne is set to launch in Late 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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If that’s totally not your thing and you’ve always dreamt of being a super hero, you may be interested in Deadbeat Heroes, which brings all the tropes from 90s super hero shows and beat-em-up games, and throws them into one frantic fast-paced game. Players are tasked with saving the day by beating up some cliché bad guys with some pretty explosive results.

Finally, one of the more interesting games is Tokyo Dark, an anime point-and-click murder mystery which offers an interesting multi-branching story with some real dark undertones. Players really have to put their investigation skills to the test in this one. The Square Enix Collective recently revealed that Tokyo Dark is set to launch on PC on September 7.

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