Indie developer Chucklefish, the developer behind Stardew Valley, the indie hit sensation of 2016, has revealed that multiplayer is coming to the game in 2018 with a beta expected by the end of the year.

Details of the multiplayer mode have been revealed via a post on the Stardew Valley website. The multiplayer mode, according to the post, has been completely rebuilt from the ground-up and will give players the option to add up to four cabins to their farms which three other players can use.

Players can join games and do almost anything the host can do, however the main player is the only one who can decide when to sleep and trigger festivals. In addition, the player will also be able to marry their friends, though this system is still in the works.

In the post, Chucklefish wrote that the multiplayer mode has required over 15,000 lines of code to be rewritten, so it’s understandable why it’s taken so long for us to hear an update on this mode.

As for the beta, details are thin, but the developer did reveal that a beta will be held for the multiplayer mode by the end of the year, but this of course could change.

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