At the recent Casual Connect event, Valve revealed some pretty big numbers for its PC gaming platform including the addition of 27 million new paying users.

During the presentation Valve revealed that since January 2016, the service has seen mor than 27 million new paying customers. This includes customers who have created an account and purchased a game for the first time, or users who have mostly played free games and have since made a purchase.

This works out at around 1.5 million new paying users a month over the past 18 months which is pretty phenomenal.

Elsewhere, Valve revealed that they see around 33 million daily active players and 67 million monthly active players. The company also revealed that they see an average of 14 million concurrent users, which is up from their peak of 8.4 million back in 2015.

Steam also also has 125 million registered users.

Diving into sales, the company also revealed that it sees the majority of its sales from North America who take around 34 percent followed by Western Europe at 29 percent. The Asian market is also seeing a bigger slice of the sales pie too, up to 17 percent thanks to users in Korea, China, and Japan.

Overall it’s a pretty impressive 18 months for Valve, Steam, and its dominance over the PC gaming market.


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