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Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Update Coming Soon!

Prepare for robotic domination!

Paradox Interactive announced a new Story Pack for Stellaris, their Sci-Fi strategy game!

The new content, “Synthetic Dawn”, will add new experiences Stellaris, which will focus primarily on synthetic life forms. You can now use your robotic workers and citizens to form completely mechanical societies at the start of the game. Synthetic Dawn will release for Windows, Mac, and Linux PC’s later this year.

Check out the spiffy new trailer below!

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Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn gives players an all-new way to establish their dominance across the stars, through the force of their all new Machine Empire! Unique game features and event chains will give the machines the ability to expand as a robotic consciousness, creating an AI-driven network that grows towards galactic expansion!

Keep an eye out for this promising new expansion later this year.

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