Having victory yanked from you last moment in a fighting game is kind of heartbreaking. That’s kind of how I felt yesterday about Street Fighter Resurrection…

Street Fighter Resurrection is the sequel to the Machinima joint project web series based on the popular fighting game franchise. Starting as a web series during 2014, its success lead to a release on demand and DVD.

The project was well received leading a to a sequel being planned called Street Fighter World Warrior. This was put on the back burner for Street Fighter Resurrection – a tale which ties in with the launch of Street Fighter V.

Unlike Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, Resurrection was available initially via the go90 video streaming app, which was only available in the US. Then 2016 came and went, 2017 arrived, and at the weekend the official page for Assassin’s Fist announced that Resurrection will be available on Amazon Prime for UK and US subscribers… A mere 23 hours later this changed.

The content suddenly became unavailable for me and many international Amazon Prime users. After this the original Facebook post changed to remove the mention of UK viewers.

Later on, this statement was released on the Facebook page:

*UPDATE* Hi SFAF page fans, following on from yesterday's post we have an unfortunate edit to make. THE GOOD NEWS: The…

Posted by Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

An international release seems to be in limbo and a lot of is going on behind the scenes but furhter updates should be available via the Assassin’s Fist Facebook page.

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