Ubisoft have announced that Update 1.7 for The Division is set to launch on August 15 completely free for all players across all platforms. In addition, the game’s Survival Expansion will be free to try between August 18 and August 20.

Update 1.7 is set to bring with it a number of new features to Ubisoft’s post-terrorism action shooter such as Global Events that’s set to challenge players with new timed activities that’ll include interesting gameplay modifiers.

Feats will now be changing to Commendations and will become a built-in achievement system within the game. These will now offer unique tasks for players to complete which will earn them rewards.

New Encrypted Caches, a.k.a. loot boxes, will be making their way to the game and will offer players a random selection of customisation items and emotes. These Encryption Caches will be unlockable using keys found within the world or purchased via Premium Credits.

Finally new gear and customisation options will be coming including Classified Gear sets, face masks, and Arm Patches. In addition, a Barbershop will allow players to re-customise their agents.

Following the launch of Update 1.7, players will be able to dive into the game’s Survival DLC which has also received a number of improvements with this update. The DLC will also be available for free from August 18 to August 20.

The game’s first Global Event, titled Outbreak, will begin when the update launches on August 15 at 6PM and will end of August 22. This will challenge players with new enemy behaviour due to the virus outbreak getting particularly lethal.

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