Team17 and Moldy Toof have unveiled a brand new multiplayer trailer for The Escapists 2 which has players trying to escape space prison.

The new trailer for The Escapists 2 showcases a brand new prison, the U.S.S. Anomaly, an interstellar prison set to solve the overcrowded prison problem. It’s up to players to work together to avoid robotic guards, and use things like jetpacks and shuttles to aid their escape.

As always, figuring out the prison’s routine is vital to make a break for it, while also trying to craft and hide the tools needed for the escape. Fortunately things can be made slightly easier by getting jobs or performing “favours” for inmates in order to get those vital supplies.

Though I’m not sure you’ll be able to bribe the AI warden.

A brand new trailer for the prison has also been released which you can see below.

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