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The Indie Fix: Chillin ‘N Killin

Call of Duty: Zombies, without the Call of Duty.

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Welcome to this weeks Indie Fix! This week I found a hidden gem that I think has some serious potential. Enter Chillin ‘N Killin.

It’s Call of Duty Zombies without Call of Duty!! When I was younger I LOVED Zombies, its pretty much the only thing I used my copy of Black Ops for.

Now, theres a game in development that will give me that zombies inch I’ve been yearning for! Chillin ‘N Killin shows the promise of being a homage to the original Zombies Mode from Black Ops. There are two versions. “Wave”/ Survival Mode and Sandbox. Now seeing that this is still heavily in development, ‘Sandbox’ is currently unavailable. I can only imagine what this mode will have in store.

I digress. Lets talk about what we CAN play. First off, I can absolutely see this being a game that gives players exactly what the title promises. Chillin ‘N Killin is exactly how this game was meant to be played. If they add a couch co-op option down the line this will make one hell of a great party game!

In Wave Mode you choose from one of four maps. Theres the Mines, Sunrise/Dawn, a Ghost Ship, and some Mansion. Out of those, I was able to get the Mines and Dawn to work. Its an early build, bugs will happen.

Dawn was probably my favorite. You are dropped in a run down house. If you turn around there is a wall full of weapons to choose from. Each has their own varying price, but obviously the better weapons cost more. You press ‘K’ to initiate the round. A 20 second timer pops up and while you wait for the count down you’re free to roam the map and find the most advantageous spot. When the timer ends the zombies begin to bottle neck you.

Out of curiosity, I began the match a few times over to see if the zombies spawn randomly or come from the same spots each time. Spoiler Alert, they do! After the first round I had over $100 which let me unlock the machine gun. Aside from weapons you can also purchase health and a flash light. From what I saw, part of what makes this unique from CoD Zombies is the fact that there are no choices to build barricades or ways to fortify your surroundings from the impending threats that lurk in the fog.

Graphically, for an Indie game, the game excels for the most part. Crisp textures cover well done models. The zombies look really good as well and there seems to be a decent variety of them.

Gameplay is fast and fluid, but of course a controller would make things a million times easier. Right mouse is aim, left mouse is to shoot. You know the usual PC type button layout.

Obviously with this being an early demo, there is much still left up to the imagination. However, from what I’ve played and seen Chillin ‘N Killin looks to be a promising love letter/ successor to the Zombies mode of old.

While Fishface Games continues to create this impressive game, I’ll be waiting to get my hands on a more complete version! Chillin ‘N Killin is one game to keep an eye on.

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