Ravager is an upcoming 2D platformer created by indie developer Horse Beverages Studio that is set to be released sometime in 2017. Just this past March, this ambitious adventure game was greenlit on Steam highlighting it’s potential to become the next big platformer to capture people’s attention.

Ravager will entice players with it’s gorgeous art, pastel colour pallete and vintage-feeling battle system that has a breath of fresh air to it. In fact, Ravager is reminiscent of adventure/RPG games like Undertale while also including breathtaking art that you’d see in successful indies like Oxenfree. The haunting (and somehow also tranquil music that seems to come along with most indie games) was created by Ariflare.

Players are offered a choice of 12 diverse characters to choose from, all with their own strengths, weaknesses and upgrading paths, so the possibilities within Ravager are diverse and completely up to the players. How you go up against a boss for example, will change from player to player based on what character is being used and what tactic one sees fit to use.

Allowing the player to chose how they’ll go about fighting or upgrading are just some of the many choices offered in this open-world. Yes, you read right! A side-scroller that doubles as an open-world! Just that alone is a pretty unique concept if you think about it, satiating both retro gamers and those who enjoy a vast world to explore. There are several mini quests and puzzles to solve in this inventive side scroller that you can try your hand at! But when you come back to the main storyline – which cleverly explores Norse Mythology by the way – look forward to going up against 9 different and challenging bosses!

When things get too tough in a player’s questing, they can find safety in the various cities created or even get help from one of many mercenaries scattered across the world.


Players can search for upgrade stones to maximize their characters power so that when they face fierce fighters like The Troll General or monstrous beasts like Fenrir, they’ll be ready. The studio promises a ‘you’ll probably die 1,000 times but we promise you’ll enjoy it’ type of approach which people hate to admit they love… IE Dark Souls.

Get ready to explore a vast and colourful world, full of forests and castles, ruins and mountains or travel by boat through a sea or climb towers. Every discovery of a new location will offer it’s own unique challenges and rewards and of course new enemies to thwart and bosses to defeat.


The game is set to be released on Windows and Mac soon but back in January, Horse Beverages released a demo for you all to try it out! So go ahead and download it on their indieDB page and let us know what you think of this promising new indie adventure in the comments down bellow.

And before you go, check out the trailer here!

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