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The Indie Fix – Trump Card

Would be funny if it wasn’t so scary.

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Trump Card is a political or satirical simulator (I never quite worked out which one). Each turn you get presented with a situation that President Trump might be faced with (some of them based on real life scenarios which have already happened) and you must choose how to respond to that situation from a number of pre-determined answers. Each choice has an impact your money, power and popularity – which matter more than you might think.

Your task is to balance these three meters throughout the game. If you run out of money at the beginning of the game then you won’t even get a chance to become President and ‘crooked Hillary’ will lead the country instead. Not enough popularity? You’re going to lose the election. It’s fun trying to balance these variables while at the same time simulating Trump’s life.

The vast majority of the game is set in Trump’s office. You know it’s his office by the things on the table; two memos (one on ‘Hillary’s emails’ and the other on ‘Putin Putin’, and a phone with Twitter open. The simplicity of this is as funny as the items themselves, it’s a statement on the President’s one-track mind as much as it is on anything else.

There are some real stand out moments when playing Trump Card. My favourite was the golf mini game I had to play when I got invited out for a round by my friend Vladdy Putin. If you beat his score you get power, if you lose you drop in popularity. But it’s all fine in the end because Vladdy is our friend, right? Another great moment was when I was told I feel uneasy in the Oval Office because the spirit of Mr Obamacare is still in the room.

I was torn between doing nothing because my ego will kick him out and hiring ghostbusters to get rid of him. The beauty of this choice is that it’s entirely feasible that Trump could think both of those things – who knows what’s going on in his head? Hilariously, I chose to call in ghostbusters and was treated to a little excerpt of the song and the option to respond to their solution (80s music) with another thumbs up.

There are a few scenarios that were too serious to be funny. At one point, I was told I’d noticed that I looked surprisingly like Kim Jong-Un and as a result had decided to do something about it. One of the options was to fire a nuclear bomb which would be ridiculous if it wasn’t so real and scary. Another scenario had terrorists attacking the US as a prompt to make fun of Trump’s view on Islam. These could have been more sensitively handled but I can see what the developer was trying to do and could appreciate why they were in there.

Trump Card is also surprisingly difficult. It’s a short game but will likely take you a few attempts to complete as you attempt to balance impending bankruptcy with unpopularity. You can’t help but think how it all might end…

You can download Trump Card here.

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