The Punisher is a no compromise, old-fashioned action hero in a world of tights and capes. No laser beams or super powers, just old fashioned guns and brute force.

When he first turned up in Spider-man he was hired on a job to do some good old killing. Along the way, we got a glimpse into the mind of The Punisher as he fired on people littering the streets. Though I think we won’t see this in the Marvel’s Netflix series for The Punisher.

We follow Frank Castle as he extracts revenge on those who have wronged him and killed his family.

Though you may have seen The Punisher in the 80s, played by Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables and The Rocky Franchise) which Marvel hopes you have forgotten.

Then in Nu-Metal-soaked early 2000s by Thomas Jane as he subtly takes his anger on John Travolta. Along with it came a game I remember people being very fond of. Lastly of all, The Punisher’s last film adventure with a fast paced bone cruncher shot anything that moves with Ray Stevenson.

Spanning out of Daredevil, The Punisher has his own Netflix series. Thanos better sleep with one eye open just in case.

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