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If you missed out on Titanfall 2 when it launched last year then now’s your chance to pick up the most complete package of one of the most underrated games of last year.

Building off of the original Titanfall, Titanfall 2 offered the same great multiplayer gameplay and then some. It was the first Titanfall game to include an offline single player campaign, and it was one of the best shooter campaigns I’ve played in a long time. Unfortunately, thanks to the limited success of the first title, the sequel didn’t do as well as planned.

Fortunately for us, Respawn Entertainment has persevered and continued to release content for the game absolutely free making the game even better than it was at launch. So to celebrate, they’ve launched a brand new version of the game that comes packed with all of this content that’s available to download digitally on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin on PC.

The Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition bundles in all of the stuff from the Deluxe Edition of the game, including Scorch and Ion Prime Titans, Titan Warpains, and much more. Players will also receive a brand new Jump Start Pack which will unlock all Titans and Pilot Tacticals, give them 500 tokens to redeem on load-outs, cosmetics, and gear,  as well as 2XP tokens, and finally the Underground R-201 Carbine Warpaint.

Then there’s all of the free content released since launch.

The Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition will set you back £34.99 which isn’t all that bad considering.

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