Tower of Time is a beautifully intense and magical RPG that I had the chance to preview this past week. Other than knowing it was an RPG, I knew very little about it when I started the game up. The game is created by an indie studio called Event Horizon and this will be their first big release!

I was immediately drawn into the game for it’s art. If I find an RPG that strikes me, it’s usually because of their writing. RPG’s and their stories tend to be complex and awesome but this time around, all it took to sell me was the art in the loading screens.

Like most loading screens, there’s a picture with a tiny tidbit of lore and while Tower of Time was no exception, their art was stunning. The illustrations in this game clearly had a lot of work that went into them and I really appreciated it.

The game is told by the constant narration of our main character, either in dialogue boxes or in the form of what looks like a visual novel, filled with gorgeous illustrations and animations to accompany to story. The game also has a mellow soundtrack, that is sometimes quiet and sometimes just a bit chilling to match the scenes.

Tower of Time Preview – A New Must-Play RPG Adventure! - n3rdabl3

In Tower of Time, I played a young man living in a unstable planet. At first, he is just a boy who discovers a strange ruin – a tower turned upside down and burrowed in the ground. While he’s drawn to the strange throne room inside, he is too frightful to continue his adventure when a strange voice tells him to return once he is older and so he flees.

However, despite fleeing the tower leaves our hero with the gift of clairvoyance and he spends many years wondering what he could have found in that tower. Then, we play him as a young man, who returns to his hometown to finally unravel the secret he discovered as a boy. While his town perished long ago, the mysterious tower he stumbled upon as a kid is still standing. Armed with two other skilled companions, I felt confident going into the tower. Because as much as I wanted to explore, there’s a strange vibe you get down there, where you can never be sure what wants to help you and what wants to kill you.

Like I said earlier, a lot of the games art is illustrations but the 3D structure of the tower’s interior is equally as gorgeous. Just like one of the characters observes in-game, the tower’s layers and rooms seem to stretch on forever. It’s a place full of secrets and riddles to uncover and monsters to battle.

Tower of Time Preview – A New Must-Play RPG Adventure! - n3rdabl3


I was really happy with the RTS elements thrown into this game! The battling system was easy to pick up and enemies had just the right amount of difficulty to be a challenge that called for strategy, without making the player want to rage quit. There are a ton of different things you can do to help your companions in battle whether it be taking an offensive approach or a defensive one, putting special skills (like slowing down time) to use and customizing the armour/weapons your characters use.

Overall, I really can’t wait to play through the entire game! Tower of Time is a really impressive RPG/RTS that I have no doubt will blow up. It’s a journey that pulls you in with an intriguing story and awesome art. You can check the game (which is currently in Early Access) on steam or take a look at their trailer down below!

Have you played Tower of Time? Does this sort of game sound up your alley? Let us know in the comments down below!

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