During the International Dota 2 Championships, Valve have announced that they’re going to completely take over the world. By take over the world I of course mean that Valve are going to release a card game based on the DOTA 2 universe.

The game will be known as Artifact, and it will indeed be based on the Dota 2 universe, with various stages and characters from the insanely popular MOBA being transferred across. The game will see players utilising lanes, building bases and battling creeps.

Sure sounds like Dota.

The character pool in Dota 2 is vast and varied; something that obviously lends itself quite well to a CCG. If this turns out to be any good at all then the gargantuan player base of the MOBA are going to swarm, and we’re all going to be in big trouble.

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Details are extremely sparse right now, with the only real contact to the development being this twitter page right here.

More info as we get it, people!

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