Slovakia-based indie developer Fatbot Games has revealed that Vaporum is scheduled to release in the Steam store on September 28!

Vaporum is a grid-based single player dungeon crawler game with a steampunk flair and inspiration from old school games such as Dungeon Master and the Eye of Beholder series, as well as the more recent Legend of Grimrock series.

Fatbot Games’ steampunk dungeon crawler features a diverse set of enemies each requiring different tactics to beat, a wide range of skills to choose from, level-wide riddles to solve, and a character progression system based around the gadget-based exoskeleton system.

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Vaporum will be available on PC via Steam on September 28. If dungeon crawling and being immersed in a steampunk setting piques your fancy, you can find more information about the game on the official website, along with keeping up with news and updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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