Marvels Royal Space Family is about to make its first live action debut, but if you find yourself saying, “who are The Inhumans?” Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

We start our origin story in space millions of years ago. An alien race called the Kree came to the Solar System and decided to experiment on early humans beings looking for super soldiers in their ongoing feud with the shape changing race known as the Skrulls (The Skrulls will be featured in the Captain Marvel movie).

These humans became known as the Inhumans after the Kree cancelled their project and upped sticks and left Earth. Things didn’t go too well for the Inhumans as they were way more advanced in comparison to the primitive “normal” human beings.

After establishing a city called Attilan on Earth, this helped lead to the discovery of the Terrigen Mist which activated Inhumans’ latent mutant gene. Essentially Inhumans are artificial mutants since every Inhuman who gets exposed to the mists gains superpowers.

Eventually, The Inhumans ended up taking their secret city of Attilan to the Moon deciding they should be isolated from humans as they disagreed with the evolution of their non-super powered cousins. Inhuman society is a little different to ours since they have a monarchy which still has a lot of influence over society, they also have Star Trek levels of advances compared to us normal humans.

The Inhumans originally appeared in Fantastic Four Issue #44 and Awesome Foursome, the royal space humans have shared a special bond every since. Johhny Storm was even romantically entangled with Crystal a Royal Family member and at one point Crystal even got involved with Quicksilver.

So who are the big Inhumans you need to know about?

Blackbolt – The King of the Inhumans. His super power is having a powerful voice that could destroy a planet, this leaves him mute and he communicates with sign language. He whispered the word “no” once and it almost destroyed Attilan.

Medusa – Black Bolts wife who shares a special bond with Black Bolt since she learned sign language to talk to him.  Her special power is having hair that she can telekinetically control.

Crystal – She can control the elements and she is Medusa’s younger sister. She likes humans especially Johnny Storm and Quicksilver. I’m guessing Quicksilver is her most obvious love interest at the moment.

Maximus – Maximus is Black Bolt’s scheming brother who is a gifted inventor. Like Scar from the Lion King.

Karnak – An advisory to the king with the special power of seeing the weakness in people and objects. Like the chink in Iron Man’s armour.

Who will The Inhumans fit in with the MCU? We’ll just have to wait and find out!

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